Installing server mods on MacOS / OS X

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    Dec 20, 2017
    As we are unable to provide a version of our custom modpack launcher that works on MacOS and OS X, we have created this guide to instruct you in installing the components of our modpack manually, into the vanilla Minecraft launcher.

    We have packaged all of the necessary files into a .zip file (144.51 MB) which can be downloaded from here.

    Step 1.
    Once you have downloaded the zip file from the link above, double click on it to unzip it. A folder titled 'TheRealmOfAleria_MacOSFiles' will have been created in the same folder the zip file was downloaded to.

    Step 2.
    Copy the 'TheRealmOfAleria_MacOSFiles' folder that has been created, to your desktop.

    Step 3.
    Open the Minecraft launcher and start the game. Once you see the Minecraft menu screen, close the game.

    Step 4.
    Right click on the Finder logo at the far left of the dock (Hold Control and Click), then select 'Go To Folder' and copy paste the following into the box on-screen, then click Go.

    ~/Library/Application Support/minecraft

    Step 5.
    Drag and drop the 'mods' and 'shaderpacks' folders from the download into the folder that has just opened.

    Step 6.
    Drag and Drop the from the download into the resourcepacks folder.

    Step 7.
    Right click (Hold control and click) the 'Forge-1.12.1-' file in the folder you downloaded and select open. Click open again at the dialog box if one appears.

    Step 8.
    Ensure that 'Install Client' is selected, then click ok. Forge will then download the files required for it to run.

    Step 9.
    Click ok at the dialog box that says 'Successfully installed client profile forge for version forge 1.12.1-forge1.12.1- into launcher'

    Step 10.
    Next, right click (Hold control and click) on the 'Liteloader-installer-1.12.1-00-SNAPSHOT.jar' in the folder you downloaded and select open. Click open again at the dialog box if one appears.

    Step 11.
    Click the dropdown menu next to 'Extend From:' and ensure that 1.12.1-forge1.12.1- is selected,
    then, in the 'New Profile' box underneath, change the name to 'The Realm Of Aleria 1.12.1', then click ok.
    You should see a message that says:

    "Successfully created new profile "The Realm of Aleria 1.12.1" for version 1.12.1 into launcher. Select the new profile in the launcher to launch with this version"

    Step 12.
    Open the Minecraft launcher and click the up arrow next to the play button, and select the option in the list named 'The Realm of Aleria 1.12.1', then click Play.

    Step 13.
    Enable our resource pack in Options > Resource Packs, and optionally, the Chocapic13 v6 Medium shaders in Options > Video Settings > Shaders (This step is optional, and depends entirely on your computer's ability to run shaders.)

    Step 14.
    Finally, add our server to the server list. Our server address is

    If you encounter any issues while following these installation instructions, don't hesitate to post a reply to this thread with details on the issue you have encountered, and one of our friendly staff will be happy to give assistance in helping you get up and running.

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