Enabling 2FA on your therealmofaleria.com account

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    This guide will walk you through the steps required to enable 2 Factor authentication on your therealmofaleria.com forum account

    Step 1. Highlight over your username in the top menu and click 'Personal Details' in the dropdown that appears

    Step 2. Click on 'Two Step Verification' in the left sidebar

    Step 3. Click on enable next to 'Verification Code via App'

    Step 4. This screen should appear, at this point, please download Google Authenticator from the App Store or Play Store on your smartphone

    Step 5. Once Google Authenticator has been installed, tap the plus button in the bottom right corner of the screen

    Step 6. Tap on 'Scan a barcode', then scan the QR barcode on your computer screen

    Step 7. You should see a new entry in Google Authenticator titled: 'The Realm of Aleria: (your username)

    Step 8. Enter the 6 digit code shown in google authenticator into the 'Verification Code' box on the forum, then click confirm

    Step 9. If you see this screen, you are now done.

    If you encounter any issues following this guide, Don't hesitate to post a reply to this thread, and a member of staff will assist you through the process.

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