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    Section I - Out of character information

    Please answer the following questions honestly.

    What is your current official minecraft account name?: RockerKidd

    What is your UUID?: 725afd09-6696-4ccb-88d5-344698321b62

    Do you understand and agree to the age requirements in our rules?: Yes

    Have you applied to this server before (If so please include links)?: No

    Have you read our rules fully and do you understand them?: Yes

    Which rule would you like clarified?: 3. A 5 second countdown must be provided prior to PVP; failure to do so is counted as No-Rp Kill**.

    Is a DM or other third-party doing a countdown or are you relying on one of the two players to do such?

    Section II - Roleplay information

    Please keep in mind that the following section is to be answered out of character.

    Have you roleplayed before? If so how long?: 10 years now

    In your own words, what is roleplaying?: Going into the mindset of another person/character and deciding how that character would perform in certain situations.

    In your own words, explain what powergaming is and give an example: A character performing an action that normally is impossible, i.e a Gnome tossing an Orc over a mountain.

    In your own words, explain what metagaming is and give an example: Using information about the world that you received OOCly, and using that information ICly.

    Do you understand the rules of playing a villainous character and the consequences of playing one with poor OOC conduct (refer to the rules sectiona)?: Yes

    Section III - Character information

    You may answer the following section in character or out of character.

    What is your character's name?: Lionna SwiftGale, Esquire

    What is your character's race?: Dark Elf

    What gender is your character?: Female

    How old is your character?: 736

    What skills and strengths does your character possess?: Lionna studied many centuries refining her martial abilities with hand-to-hand combat. Similarly, both of her arms are rune=mechanical prosthetic. These arms give no sense of feeling, nor pain. (Pre-approved by Baden)

    Alternately, what weaknesses do they possess?: While her arms do have advantages, their weight and style make most of her actions with them slower and a tad clunky. (To balance of course). She is also very short.

    Please give a short description of your character's personality, their likes and dislikes:
    (Pre-approved by Baden)

    Please give a biography of your characters life (minimum 2 paragraphs). Try to start from their younger years working up to where they are now, and try to include as much official server lore as possible:
    (Pre-approved by Baden)

    Please give a screenshot of your character's skin (a full 3-D screenshot, not the original skin file):

    Section IV - Roleplay Prompts

    Respond to the following prompts as your character. Write in either the first or third person in the manner your character would. You do not have to be a hero in the situations especially if you have a shy character. Note: You only have to respond to three of the prompts.

    Prompt 1: A middle aged man, haggard by travel walks past, pulling a heavy wagon of weapons and supplies behind him. He stops and turns with a weary smile. “Are ye lookin to buy from me cart?” he asked.
    Lionna would smile to the man, nodding gently "If yeh wouldn't moind, aye ah would loike tuh!" And she'd gaze at the wares. She'd happily buy a new blade, as you never know when it may come in handy.

    Prompt 2: While exploring some old ruins, the group stops and rests a moment. As the light reflects on an artifact in the corner, catching everyone’s eye. As it is approached, the quiet scholar halts the group. “Do not touch it!” he exclaims as he moves forward. “It’s a dangerous relic. I believe if we are to take it, it should remain in my care so I may study it.”

    Prompt 3: While drinking in a poor and dangerous side of town, a loud scream is head not far from the tavern. Upon inspection, a middle aged human with what seemed to be his smaller wife are being threatened by two burly Elven men. “Give us you crowns.” One of the elves barks at the man, who fumbled with his purse. “Please, someone help!” the woman screamed.
    Lionna let her armor clank about and rustle with her movements as she stepped into the enterance of the alley, gently resting a metal hand onto the hilt of her blade, and sighed "Ah'll give yeh une chance tuh walk aw'eh lads, on'leh cause ah'm en ah good mood wit sum ale in me.." And she gave a long draw from her pipe she sat in her teeth.

    Prompt 4: An adult male dwarf rests his hand on a young dwarven child, watching the crowds. As they turn, he pushes the bruised child into the crowd. He stumbles before moving closer and stopping with his hat in his hands. “Do ye 'ave aneh spare coin? Meh motheh is sick.” he says, glancing at the older dwarf, terrified.

    Prompt 5: The warm sun beat down on the path of the forest. The sound of nature echoed around the trunks as a hunter bent down to finish off a buck he had just downed. The sound of a growling stomach caused him to stop and look up.

    Prompt 6: It was a cold night when a child ran up. “‘Scuse me. Do you got aneh food?” he asks, trying to hide his well fed exterior with the shadows. He glances behind him as another child steals the coin pouch and dashes off as quickly as possible.
    Lionna sighed after peering at the boy darting off with the coin, and pointed his direction "Nae, but yeh bes' go get yer coin back, lad.." And simply walked off, not caring much to get involved, and loving the excuse to not give him more coin.

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